Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lace Decision

Well, much swatching has ensued this week trying to decide what the next lace project will be.

In order
The merino fingering from Fleece Artist and Knitty's "Branching Out" Nice hand, but this particular yarn pools like crazy on this pattern - all the pink on one side, all the blue on the other. Quite distracting. I still think a fingering merino would be an excellent choice for this pattern. I liked the hand of the sample, but in a solid or heather colorway, not a painted.

Fleece Artist and "Misty Gardens" from Scarf Style. Nice, but no. This pattern was designed for a hand paint mohair blend. This yarn is just too different. Remember the pattern for sock tops, though.

Louet Gems and the 'Lace Leaf' Shawl from Fiber Trends. Lovely, but when I re-read the directions, I'm one skein short. One too many for the 'small', one too few for the 'large'. If I can find a skein in the same dyelot, I'll do this one next. But that requires a trip to the Yarn Barn. I'll be in Lawrence for knit group on the 20th, so on hold for now.

Fleece Artist and the Little Leaf Scarf, a free pattern from Sivia Harding Designs. We have a winner!!! In the narrow width, the pooling showed up again. But with the width as written, it does stripes

Very subtle stripes, but stripes nonetheless.
Here it is pinned out so the borders show

The lace design is quite simple, a four round repeat and it's lace knitting on a stockingette ground, so every other row is plain purl. I have it memorized already, which means that this project can travel. I'm pleased.

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