Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sockapaloooza Update

My Sockapaloooza pal that I did the "sock savior Broadripple Hybrids" for got her package. It went all the way from Kansas to Australia!! (From one "Oz" to the other LOL).

And she likes the socks and they FIT!!!! YEAH! I'm so excited for her. Once she posts in her blog, I'll link here.

Her being happy just made my day!!!

ETA: Nat's blog is here.


Nathalie said...

Yay! Thanks for everything Karla! Now I know who you are I will stalk, umm, I mean visit you ;)

Katt said...

I am a regular at Nats blog. I think its a wonderful thing you did being her saviour..And the socks were LOVELY!!