Thursday, July 27, 2006

Carmel Socks in progress and a lace update

The Carmel Surf Socks are getting heel flaps. In case you are wondering, I often do the heel flaps in the 'one row right, one row left' manner. That way they are exactly alike. I think I'd probably like the 'two socks on two circular needles' method. I probably need to break down and try it one of these days.

Here's a look at what I mean by the heel flaps - they are exactly the same:
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I'm really pleased with the way the colors are going so far. The color changes are within a few stitches of each other on the heel flaps. So far, so good - we'll see what happens in the gusset.

I am turning the corner on the Widow's Shawl today. Then there will be just 15 more points to do. I am rapidly approaching the point where I need to contemplate blocking. I think I'm going to need more blocking wires. Because of the center out construction and the fingering weight wool, I think this piece would benefit from an intermediate set of wires to distribute the force of the blocking more evenly. This one is going to be a bear to block because of the weight of it anyhow.

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