Saturday, May 27, 2006

Finally at the edge, but not the end

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Here's the obligatory 'shawl with a towel stuffed inside the circular needle so you can see the lace' shot. I can't believe it, but I'm actually ready to start the edging!!!

The white ring markers that you can just barely make out are the repeats for the lace edge. With the help of my knit group in Lawrence (thanks! Audrey), I picked out a 16 stitch edging. The lace will bind off 8 stitches of the shawl with every repeat. There are 160 stitches per quadrant, and an extra repeat in each corner. So with 84 repeats of lace edging yet to go, this baby is far from being a finished object.

I signed up for "the Amazing Lace". And I don't think (or maybe just hope) that the border on this will take me all summer! So I have two more lace projects on the back burner. See the 'Challenge One" post above for details.

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