Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's looking a little crowded

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Well, there's been quite a bit of progress on the black blob of doom this weekend. I'm now just above the third lacy area (check out just under the needle points).

At this point, there are just about 350 stitches on a 16 inch circ. That's crowded. When I hit 100 per quadrant, I'm going to move it over to bigger needles.

The problem with ANY center out shawl when it gets to this point is that the knitter (poor deluded being) thinks, "Final stitch count per quadrant is 200. So I'm half done." As if! With the YO corners adding 8 stitches every other round, it's growing by x squared. (The area of a square being side measure times side measure.)

What that means in practical terms is that I'm way LESS than halfway done, more like about a quarter of the way. Still, I've made good progress since I cast on last weekend.

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