Sunday, January 20, 2013

What happened?

Well, in short, my life fell apart over the last four years.

1) The baby was born premature just as JC is ending his active duty service in the Corps.  Little Carl had many issues and spent a month in the NICU.   (June 2009)
2) My mom was diagnoised with colon cancer. (December 2009)
3) My job moved to Tulsa.  And I didn't - see above (also December 2009)
4) Surgery, nursing home, home for hospice care (Dec 2009 to May 2010).  Once mom is too weak to help me lift her body, JC comes home to help, with the baby.  Which is good, Mom gets to 'hold' him.  My job lets me work from home as I transition my work to my replacement in Tulsa.
5) Mom passes away (May 31 2010)
6) I'm offered a job with a different division of my company (June 2010).  This job necessitates an hour plus commute each way.  I'm just happy to be working for the same company.
7) Trying to get mom's house on the market
8) JC's marriage falls apart.  His wife misbehaves in several ways.  She refuses to get counciling and asks him to leave.  He moves home (WITH the baby).  (Oct 2010)
9) He moves into mom's house, which is WAY too big for him and starts looking for work.  Finds a temp job.
10) JC's life gets back together.  He gets primary custody, his divorce is final, his temp job leads to a full time job, and he is introduced to his current girlfriend, Angie. (Early 2011)
11) There's a murder in the house right behind mine. (July 2011).  
12) JC and his girfriend end up expecting.  (July 2012).  They are living in mom's house, but want to move out into the rural school district (and I agree, this isn't the neighborhood or school district that it was when I grew up here, or even when Walt and I moved here - see above).

So my life is getting first JC's (mom and dad's) house and then mine ready for the market and sold.   I don't know when those things will happen.   Still playing with the bell choirs at the cathedral.  Working in KC - I have joined a carpool, though, so I only drive once or twice a week. 

I've thought about getting back into blogging here, but since this blog was mostly about knitting and needlework, I just document my knitting on Ravelry and I've not been stitching at all. 

And I really kind of miss having a diary of my life.   I'm not going to try to fill in the 'gaps' more than this, though.  

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