Tuesday, May 19, 2009

UFORR - Haze's Earthdancer

Another round in our UFO round robin. And I managed to finish another project! This is "Earthdancer" from Butternut Road. Designed by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum. There is a wonderful story about the inspiration for this design which made it even more special to stitch on.

If I ever make this one for myself, and I might, there is one thing that I will do differently. I will do the beading on her breastplate in actual loomed beadwork and attach it to the fabric. The beads are every so slightly oversized. Not a problem with scattered beads or the small motifs elsewhere in the design - even the shoulder roundels. But there in the center, they are crowded enough that the lines of beadwork are distorted and the beads don't want to lay flat. I did the best that I could by running stabilizing threads on the horizontals. And of course I thought about the solution when I was on the next to the last row of attaching them individually ::headdesk::

'Dancer'll be on her way back to Winnipeg tomorrow - sorry to see her go.....


Rachel said...

She's beautiful, Karla! Haze is lucky to have such a wonderful piece! I think I may have to stitch this one myself!

Laurylyan said...

She is beautiful, and even more than beautiful: She gives inspiration! :-D

You did a wonderful job with her. I'd like to stitch the both of them for me and I know that for the beads I'll replace them with Delicas. Most certainly in 15/0 even if 11/0 might be enough.

Congratulations for your HD :-D