Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I spent my lunch hour in a fabric store

Here in Topeka, we have several quilt shops, one independent fabric store and two JoAnn's stores. A VERY tiny bead shop and one cross stitch shop. A Michaels, a Hobby Lobby. No knitting stores at all - hence the fact that my Local Yarn Shops in the side bar are "Not So Local Yarn Shops" Luckily both of THEM are fantastic!

So shopping for buttons for the Grey Office Cardi was less of an adventure than it would have been if we had either a button speciality store or a garment district. Sometimes I envy the knitters in NYC or Chicago. But only a little bit and only about the cool shops.

But anyhow, these are very elegant 3/4 inch across the diagonal. That's big enough to not be overwhelmed by the knitting. And if the light catches them just right, they have marbling inside.

I was right about needing just a little wider cardigan border - four upper ribs instead of two.

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