Saturday, March 14, 2009

Faux Noro Scarf - the beginning

Yes, these two colors look great together. There's enough teal to counter the burnt orange. There's enough burgundy to counter the olive. All in all it swings through two nearly related complementary colorways - but always on the dark/greyed tonal side. Very autumnal.

As BT pointed out, doing this scarf in 1x1 rib has several advantages. First of all, ribbing lies flat. No curl like stocking stitch based fabric. Second, it looks on first glance like a loose stocking stitch. The one stitch ribs make the fabric absolutely perfectly corrugated. So, thirdly, the fabric is nice and cushy - double thick from the ribbing. Of course that corrugated texture means that it pulls in something fierce. This yarn normally knits up (in stocking) at about 5 stitches per inch, but 39 stitches cast on in the ribbing is barely 5 inches across - that's actually a good width for a bulky scarf.

By the way, the color variation is not totaly an effect of the camera flash, it really does look like that. Where the 706 color cycles into the burnt orange, it just GLOWS. Like embers in a stone hearth. Lovely colors.

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