Friday, January 30, 2009

And we kick off another Sharon Cohen WIP

This is the Second Work in Progress designed by the Queen of the Elizabethan Needlework Re-emergence - Sharon Cohen. It's the "Sampler Sweetbag" and unlike the Renaissance Sampler, this one has no cutwork. It makes up for that with detached buttonhole and queen stitch LOL. There will be a huge detached buttonhole flower in the center of this piece, but that won't be made for months yet. First I have to get everything else done and also design the back.

For ease of assembly on sweetbags and even pincushions, I like to use the same linen as the front. The directions for this piece say to use a piece of muslin for the back - not likely! And of course you can't have just an expanse of plain linen - that's no fun *G*.

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