Saturday, September 20, 2008

A different needlework project to look at - finishing smalls

There's no further progress on my needlework pieces this week (or anything else for that matter), because I got distracted by the prep work for the finishing on another one of my very nearly completed smalls. I was sorting through the remaining WIP pile, and I pulled out the Hillside Samplings "My Stitching Chair Necessiare" to see where I was at on it.

This was a SAL that I was involved with in 2004. In fact, I was helping lead it. I did write up all the finishing, but I didn't actually get mine done. The main piece was hemstitched

But I had just started putting the muslin interfacing on everything else.

So I finished doing that. I'm modifying the needlebook to have hard "book" covers instead of the hemstitched edge. All of that went well, and I wasn't bored with finishing yet. So I did the basic assembly on all the pillow-shaped pieces

And then lined all the ones that need to be simply lined

Still to do on the prep work - lining the ones that need stiffening in them (the needlebook and the back of the ruler case) and also making the backing piece that will be hemstitched onto the piece in the first picture after everything is assembled. When I get to the actual assembly, there will be a needlebook, a scissors fob, a ruler case for the scrimshaw ruler (and there is a scrimshaw threadwinder as well), and the main piece with a pocket on either end and tufted pincushion on the center.

I'm still enjoying this piece and it SO goes with the colors in my living room. I don't often stitch in that room, but once I get a new stitching lamp, I will enjoy using this lovely piece.

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