Friday, July 25, 2008

back, but pictureless....

Actually, that would be cameraless...... It's in Olathe, being held for ransom by my sister (just kidding about the ransom part, but not about the camera part).

The trip was so-so. The bad news is that KT and JC have broken up. Part, I think, because JC had built up their relationship in his mind when he was in Iraq. Probably a bit of cold feet on his part as well. He's also stressing more than a bit about his new responsibilities as a junior NCO. He has people reporting to him now, and that's a bit strange for him.

While I was there, he was wresteling with this in his mind, but not talking much about it, so he tended to act a bit of a sulky brat - very unlike him. And he was drinking a lot. I'm sensing some PTSD type stuff going on with that. Hopefully he'll pull it together soon.

I'm more than a bit bummed out, too. I recognize the symptoms. All I want to do is read and sleep. Neither the knitting or the needlework or the blog holds much interest right now. I love KT to bits and was really looking forward to having her as a daughter. I'm mourning the loss of the "might have been".

All in all, this has been a shitty month. Ugh.

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Dee said...

Sorry to hear about your bad month. Hope to see you at knitting group soon.

Dee Anna