Saturday, May 24, 2008

Road Trip!

Heather (from knitting group and the pub) and I went into Lawrence today. We stopped by the Yarn Barn and then went to Knit!Lawrence at the City Mercantile (the local organic co-op grocery).

Here's the result of the pub and road trip knitting:

This is a design that I picked up as a kit. It's by the house designer for The Yarn Shop and More in Kansas City. Cute hat, cute colors, but a metric butt-ton of ends to weave in and I have to get some ribbon for the ties. I HATE it when kits don't have the finishing material in them. Also, the yarn isn't listed on the materials list - another major growl.

After consultation with the folks at the Yarn Barn, I think it may be Mission Falls cotton. It's the weight, but much softer than standard dishcloth cotton.

I think I'll knit it again in a single color and rewrite the pattern. It's not very well written, though it is well designed for the most part. Those are two very different skill sets, I have come to discover.

When I was at the Merc, I had a very nasty encounter. I was going to grab some fruit and snacks, since I hadn't had lunch, and while I was walking around the deli case, an older lady was there and out of the blue she turned to me and said, "YOU don't need any calories." I was stunned, and hurt. I blurted out, "Madam, what I eat is none of your business!" and stalked away. If she thinks I'm fat now, she should have seen me 50 pounds ago! Honestly, though, what was she thinking BAM! drive by insulting????

Time to get back on the diet!

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Zandra said...

I had a great time!