Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Weight Loss - Year 1, Week 21

Loss this week = -2.2
Total loss on WW = -39.8
Total loss overall= -51.0

Wow. Another great week. Had my yearly physical, and my doctor is VERY happy with my weight loss. She has cleared me for the 5K and adding strength and yoga to the routine. So I'll be starting that up on Saturday with an appointment with the trainer at the Y. I think I'll set up with him to meet once a month. That will keep the expense within reason and still give me the instruction and accountability that I need.

SO close to another five pound star! You'd think that a sticker wouldn't be all that motivating to an adult, but it really does help.

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Dee said...

Yay for stickers and YAY for you.

I hope you enjoy yoga. It sounds fun.

Dee Anna