Saturday, December 01, 2007

What do I do next?

I've been working all day on a combination of household chores and the Odessa hat for my sister for Christmas. Other than a brief break in the early afternoon (which Molly and I took advantage of for a 1.5 mile walk - 16 blocks) it has been cold and rainy all day. It's finally acting like November (just as it hits December LOL).

I'm just at the start of the decreases on Kimi's raspberry Odessa. I should have it finished tonight or tomorrow (depending on how much HGTV sucks me in tonight).

That brings me to the question - what next? Usually, I have the next project all lined up at this point. The issue this time is WHICH project. I've gone on a little bit of a buying spree and the mini-stash actually has several projects that appeal to me right now.

1) Sweater - a hoodie in grey worsted (Patton's Classic merino). The pattern is the hooded sweatshirt from Jacqueline Fee's The Sweater Workshop. I only have yarn for three sweaters in the stash, and the other two are summer weight ones in cotton or rayon chennile. It may be the weather, but I just want to cast on for a sweater LOL.

2) Hat #1 We call them Pirates by 'Hello Yarn' for JC.

3) Hat #2 Celtic Cable by 'the girl from auntie' for me. (I loved Jenna's Shedir so much that the urge to cast on another one of her designs is almost unbearable.)

4) Lace #1 - finish MS#3 (Swan Lake)

5) Lace #2 - the Bee Fields shawl by Anne Hanson of 'the Knit Spot'.

6) Socks - No socks on the needles is not a good thing. And there are about five patterns begging me for attention, including (but not limited to) "Embossed Leaves", another stab at the 'Old Shale" ones in a different colorway, "Monkey", the "Finnish Socks" in Folk Socks, a plain ribbed pair in 'treking' yarn, and the last couple of designs for Six Sox KAL.

I absolutely refuse to have more than two projects and a car project on the needles at the same time, though it appears that I am a prime candidate for 'startitist' and the resultant dread 'UFO disease'. NOPE, not going there. I will choose one.

Being an old D&D player, I harked back to my college years and rolled dice. And the winner is........

JC's Pirates hat, which is the one I was avoiding! Guess the knitting muse is trying to tell me something. Hope I can remember how to do colorwork - I haven't done any since I got back into knitting this last time.

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