Sunday, December 30, 2007

FO - Damaris Underwood

And we end the year with one lone stitching finished object. I finally put in the time to finish the over one stitching on Damaris. This poor project languished most of the last two years while I concentrated on knitting, getting just a touch of time and attention now and again.

In my good intention to actually FINISH and frame my needlework as the stitching is done, I ran over to Hobby Lobby and used a coupon to buy a nice plain frame (as benefits a Quaker sampler) and the acid-free foam core to finish her up for framing.

Pattern: Damaris Underwood 1823 from The Scarlet Letter

Type: Reproduction Sampler
Style: Quaker Bookplate

Materials: Kit sourced from a fellow member of Legacy Embroiders.

Notes: Stitches used Cross, Cross over one, Eyelet, 4 Sided

Comments: The first Scarlet Letter kit I've done - good quality materials and accurate chart. I don't like the way that they framed it in their photos. I opted for a very traditional, plain frame with no mat.

Surprisingly untedious for a two color sampler. I just got hooked on knitting in the midst of this project.

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