Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Weight Loss - Year 1, Week 13

Loss this week = -1.6
Loss on WW = -26.6
Total Loss = -37.8

ALMOST to the first goal; just 0.4 pounds to go. It's so close I can TASTE it LOL.

I've set my next goal - 10% from where I am now. That will get me down to exactly the weight I was when I conceived JC. So when I reach that next goal, I will be the smallest I have been in 22 years! Timewise, I'd like to hit that point by the time he gets back from his deployment in the early spring (hopefully). I lost this first 25 pounds in just about 3 months. Mid November to mid February will hopefully see me down the next 25.

It's coming off - slowly but surely. I was worried that I'd gain this week due to the two banquets that I went to over the weekend, but I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought it was! That gives me hope for next week and Thanksgiving!

Now if my knee will heal up enough to let me start walking again, I'll be in good shape. I find I really miss my walks with Molly.

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Gill said...

Well done! I daren't get weighed - I'm sure my numbers will be going the wrong way!