Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hanami - Part 8 and Xmas plotting

The spots are now solid lace fagotting - only YO and Decreases with no solid ground at all:

and THIS, my friends, is the last row of the ruffle:

I hope to be able to get this bound off and blocked by the weekend..... (Edit - Bind off is completed, ends are tucked in, and I'm wearing it unblocked as a warm scarf just because it is SO yummy. But I will be blocking it this weekend.)

Because, the yarn for the next FOUR! projects is calling my name and saying "Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming." I'm trying VERY hard not to have another year where I am blocking something the weekend before the gift is to be given.

Basically, everybody is getting hats this year. I am doing Odessas for the MIL (done), Mom and Kimi. (Sis, you might want to not read this blog for a while unless you don't want a suprise.) Some kind of cabled hat for KT and "We call them pirates" for JC are up next. In more or less that order since JC's won't be gifted until he gets back.

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