Sunday, July 22, 2007

Help, my book ate my weekend!

You all know WHICH book, now don't you???

OK, there WERE 9 loads of JC's laundry in there. When he left on his deployment, he shoved all his clothes - clean, dirty, folded, whatever - into three seabags and dumped them out of his car onto the back porch. (OK, they started in the dining room, but they ended up on the back porch.)

Those three sea bags have been transformed, courtesy of about 30 dollars worth of quarters and the assistance of his wonderful Auntie Kimi (my VERY patient sister), into several piles of neatly folded or hangered, clean, sweet-smelling clothing. GO us! I haven't used a laundrymat in about 3 decades. Expensive, but all over in about 2 hours instead of two days......

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