Friday, June 01, 2007

After the concert

The church concert is over. Our part was first, and after we were done, we got to scatter to sit in the audience/congregation and enjoy the vocal part.

Overall, I'm pleased with the way we played. There were some 'bobbles', but none that were noticible to the listeners. I messed up one place - there was a little syncopated bit where I didn't quite come in right, but by the second measure it was fine.

And the Dona Nobis was PERFECT!!! I was so proud of myself LOL. All that worry and I aced it. Now off to bed early for a Friday night, I have to get up in the morning and bake three batches of scones for the English Tea Room at the church open house tomorrow. Knitting time is going to be scarce on the ground this weekend.

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