Sunday, May 20, 2007

FO - M-D BallBand washcloth #10

This washcloth has been my 'car' knit ever since I finished the last one. A few stitches at this stoplight, a little on that lunch break, a few minutes early to choir practice..... The stitches add up.

The usual pattern - my mod of the Mason Dixon one
The usual materials - Sugar 'n Cream on size US 7 needles.

The next car project will be more afghan squares for the Greensburg project (link in the sidebar)

PS - the bell piece was wonderful and I hit every one of my notes!!!! Go me. Now there's the concert on the first to get ready for. We'll be playing this piece again, and three other ones. One of those is the Dona Nobis Pacem - Lord help me, I carry the melody for the last 12 measures!!! (gulp)

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