Sunday, December 31, 2006

If you've left a comment ......

Color me TOTALLY red in the face and mortified.

I didn't realize that when I set up this blog, the comments were "moderated"! This chilly New Years Eve, I was poking around in blogger and said to myself, "wonder what this 'moderate comments' tab is all about?"

Lo and behold there were about 50 comments back there that had never seen the light of day. And here I thought nobody was reading this thing LOL.

OPPS. I did have a couple of ones that I don't think were ones I want people to read on my blog, but I've released all the others and hereby promise to check that page from now on (probably obsessively to see if anybody has forgiven me for my blunder *G*)

In the mean time, hope everybody had a great New Years. Hugs from your embarrassed hostess.

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