Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Escher's Leaves at the midpoint and Stash Enhancement

Believe it or not, this is midway through the green leaf lace shawl. It doesn't look that big, but this is the point where lace is all lumpy, bumpy texture. When I stretch it out, the top edge (which is actually the bottom edge in the picture) is over three feet already, so it will block out a LOT.

This pattern is so easy to memorize, but I do have a 'cheat sheet' to carry with me. Yes, this lace is actually travel-able. I took it to knit group last Saturday, in fact.

I had a half day off to go to an eye exam today, so Mom and I took the opportunity afterwards to run into Lawrence to go to the Yarn Barn and also have lunch. She bought some superwash wool on sale for her charity knitting. I bought some "K State purple" Encore in DK weight to make Katie (my son's girl friend) a Christmas present. I asked JC's opinion, and he told me to make "an everyday scarf with texture. She's not a girlie-girl and wouldn't like the lace."

The colors on this shot come out a little blue. It's actually a rich royal purple. The intended pattern is "Interlocking Balloons" from Scarf Style.

Mom and I had lunch at Miltons (just a couple doors down from the NSLYS). I almost always get the 'soup and salad' special. Today was a new soup - Muligatawny. I think I've FINALLY found a way that I can enjoy curry!!!!

Oh, and I worked on the heel flap of SSSSock number 2. In the car. With my 85 year old mother driving. And I had dialated eyes, no less!

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Gill said...

I love the lace knitting, it's a gorgeous pattern. I stand in awe of anything with the word Escher in the title:)