Sunday, August 20, 2006

Snake Skin Socks for Six Sox AND Yarn Barn Stash fix

Bowing to the inevitable today.

Firstly, I HAD to cast of the next pair of socks. I have skipped the last couple of socks from the Six Sox group. I did use some of the details of the Sixth Sense sock in my BroadRipple hybrids (the heel and toe in garter stitch). The Six Sox sock pattern after that was a 'stash buster' sock and I was still deep into being a sock savior for Sockapaloooza, so I just skipped that one altogether (and did the Carmel Surf socks instead). But the current sock has a very clever pattern stitch and I love the name "Scales/Snake Skin Socks" - yeah for alliteration!!!

And I had these two skeins of very strangely colored Koigu sock yarn in the stash. I have NO idea why I bought them back last spring when I was taking the sock class - I like saturated color, but the usual tones for me are either autumnal (rich russet, rust, brown and gold) or jewel (ruby red, deep purple, royal blue). This bright acid green just is odd. But the flecks, the dapples!! It's a tropical rain forest snake skin!!!! Perfect for these socks.

And they have the clever piocot cuff - just like a little crocodile back ridge.... I love this pattern. (Right, I love whatever's on the needles - let me bask for a moment, ok???)

Secondly, today was knit group in Lawrence - there were two new people since I went in May. I can't believe that I've missed two meetings in a row - but there was the sink and there was going to Jacksonville, so yep - I haven't been all summer. But I made it today. I knit like mad on the Little Leaf Lace scarf - I'm at 40 inches. So less than 10 inches to go, and the ball of yarn is getting pretty flat. It should make it to the 50 inch mark, but I'd be surprised if it goes much past that. I've decided that I'm going to gift it to my mom for Christmas. It's been a couple of years since she got a handmade gift, and she liked it when I showed it off to her and my sister last weekend.

We meet at Borders and so, of course, on the way out, the knitting mags sucked me in. They still had the Summer Interweave KNITS out. I've heard so much about the Icarus Shawl, so I picked up a copy. I also bought the next "Knit the Classics" book - The Time Traveler's Wife.

And thirdly, what trip to Lawrence is complete without a trip to my 'not so local LYS'? I did have a need, though. I picked up the rest of the yarn for the Lace Leaf Shawl. I didn't find a perfect match - they were out of that dyelot, and I discovered that one of my original skeins was a different dye lot yet! But there was one skein of that second dyelot still in the bin - so there's a pair of socks or something. (Maybe Branching out for my MIL for Christmas?) And the new shippment of Louet Gems was a VERY close match to the four skeins I already had that were of a matching dyelot. It's so close that I have to really look close under sunlight to tell the difference - 2 skeins of that. I figure that I'll use them when I get to the border.

Fourthly - had dinner at Chipolte's in Lawrence. Read a little on the book, it's fascinating.

So blew the budget a bit (yarn, books, dinner, filling up the car to get there). But SO worth it. - I'll just have to take my lunches next week (which is better for me anyhow!)

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