Thursday, August 17, 2006

Little Leaf Lace Scarf at the halfway point

I have 52 repeats of the lace so far on the Little Lace Scarf, or about 26 inches It's such a lush feeling yarn that my hands are in love *G*. The pattern calls for it to be 10 x 40 inches, but that's just going to be too short. As pictured, its a short, wide scarf for tucking under a jacket or coat collar. I prefer a much longer, wrap around the neck and hang down the front of the coat length. So I'm not stopping any time soon.

I still have a little under half the ball of yarn left. The pattern called for 200 yards of Fingering weight, and my skein of Fleece Artist merino sock yarn is 370 yards per the website I bought it from (the label is missing in action). So I figure the scarf is done when I say it's done LOL.

No picture today, because - hey, it looks just like the last picture with two more markers in it!

Oh, and the other news - I am back in possession of my blocking kit! So guess what I'm doing Saturday..... Yes, there will be pictures of blocked lace unless something goes horribly wrong.

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