Saturday, April 08, 2006

Molly The Yarn Thief

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Meet Molly. She's my fur baby, a two year old Australian Shepherd mix. She was a pound rescue and she's been with me for about two months. I'm finally starting to see the first glimpses of the dog she'll be when she feels secure. She's just now starting to play, to ask for attention and to be confident when it's just her and me.

But because she was feral when she was little, she has several bad habits. She gets into trash cans - probably because she got most of her food from the trash before she was 'taken into custody'. And she steals yarn. She LOVES yarn. She picks up bits of discarded yarn and string and tucks it away into corners of her crate den. She never gnaws on it or eats it that I've noticed; she just hoards it. I've seen this behavior in cats, but it's a first for me with a dog.

When I got up this morning, she'd taken the working ball of the yellow Cleckheaton and (leaving the actual sock in the knitting bag), hauled the yarn from my desk in the bedroom, through the dining room (and under the table legs) and then through the living room and into her den. There was no apparent damage to the yarn; the ball label was even still intact. It was just strung out from hither to yon.

I've noticed something else odd. With the coming of spring, the first bugs are appearing in the yard. She pounces on beetles. A literal "hop and flatten" with an arched back. I think my dog was a cat in her last incarnation.

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