Thursday, April 13, 2006

Banana Waffles are done

The Banana Waffle Socks are done and on the sock blockers. Once they are dry, I will post a picture and the project details. I will say from their hand while I washed them this evening, I think they are too loosely knit. BUT that makes them warm, cushy, cuddly socks for wearing to read in bed or curl up to watch TV.

You need to understand that I have an historic house. It's about 75 years old, a Craftsman bungalow, and it gets chilly in the winter. I'm saving up for heating plant upgrades and eventually replacement windows and doors (I found a place that makes modern, energy efficient doors and windows in old style just for houses like mine). But even once I'm done remodeling and restoring, my feet will still be cold. I have cold feet in the summer time! I can't sleep without at least a sheet over my feet and lower legs.

So bed or "house" socks are a necessity for the cool and cold months. And now I have three pairs - green, pink and yellow *G*.

Unfortunately, that experiment didn't help me make up my mind what to do about the 6Sox KAL socks (named "Sixth Sense" btw). Cute pattern, but I really don't care for short row heels.

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