Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Lace Cowl in progress

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The top edge is bound off!. The bottom edge provisional cast on has been picked up!

As many before me (ie Wendy and Gumperina) have pointed out, lace before blocking does not photograph well. So basically one has a picture of a big purple blob LOL.

But hopefully you can get an idea of the lace pattern and the bound off edge from this.

Two notes. The white streaks are "lifelines" that I haven't pulled out yet and no, I'm not loving the Addi Turbos for lace. They aren't pointy enough to dig into the decreases. But they are the only circular needles that I have in the right length and needle size, so I shall preserver.

Also note the book that's holding down the edge for me. Yep, I'm planning my next lace project. Love the stuff.

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