Wednesday, March 22, 2006

dat's a WHOLE lot o' black yarn

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In fact, it's about 2000 yards worth of black Harrisville Shetland Yarn. From the Yarn Barn in Lawrence. For the planned 'Widow's Shawl' (aka Basic Black Shawl) from Folk Shawls.

This wool is rather harsh to knit with, as it is meant for weavers. If there weren't so MUCH of it, I'd skein it off, wash it and wind it into balls. But since there's THREE CONES worth, I'm going to knit it as it and I know it's going to full up when I wash and block the finished shawl. I've used this yarn before in woven scarves, and it is like magic when you wash it. It just BLOOMS and softens up so much.

I'm still debating the edging - but there will be some picot edge or narrow lace, not just a plain 'bind off' like in the pattern.

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