Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Surprise Jacket - Urban Camo

The yarn here is Collinette "jitterbug", but I've lost the label - so I have no idea what the name of the colorway is. I'm calling it Urban Camo, because it reminds me of those pink and blue "camouflage" bandannas and pants that were popular a few years back - plus the olive and black of REAL camo. I think it's just right for a little boy who will be born to two Marines.

JC totally surprised me with a "hey, mom, guess what - I'm married and we are going to have a baby" phone call over Christmas. I didn't dare say a word to a soul until he told my mom last weekend. Steph, love you like a sister, but I know you or the kids would have totally spilled the beans! (Steph is in my knitting group and her kids take music lessons from my mom.) But now that mom knows, I've told everybody - knitting group, in the church bulletin etc, etc.

My new Daughter in law's name is Michelle (called 'Chelle) and she's a Marine also stationed at Camp Lejeune. She just turned 20, so she's about 3 years younger than JC, and she's only on the second year of her first enlistment. I guess he was just ready to settle down and start a family.

I'm off to Tennessee to visit her parents (the kids are on leave and are there)- baby shower/family reunion will ensue - hence the hijacking of my knitting time.


Zandra said...

I am beginning to think we are in a bit of a baby boom. My friend Mary had her little boy in January, Melissa had hers earlier this month, your grandson is due this summer, my great-nephew is due this summer, Merry recently found out her daughter is having a boy, and Patricia recently announced she is going to be a grandmother too.

Karoline said...

Congratulations Karla